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How To Get a Press Trip in Bacalar, Mexico

You may have heard about entrepreneurs and influencers traveling the world with press trips.

Likely, you have wondered if it may be possible for you.

Despite what you and others may have thought, press trips around the world are not only for Instagram influencers with over 10,000 followers. How do I know? Well, because I don't have 10,000 followers and over 2.5% engagement yet, and I am getting press trips and consulting with brands globally in several ways.

I have traveled the world from before being born. At the end of last year, I decided to leave Atlanta, GA for 2+ years, and Travel to 7 Continents. As of August 2021, I have reached over 28 countries.

While I often travel with Airbnbs around the world, I and the team pitch business like a boss including on platforms like Workaway.

In 2021 alone, we have reached out to over 35 destinations, business owners, and tourism brands in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and more focusing on press trips and digital marketing in 2021-22.

I got a press trip in Bacalar, Mexico with Picaflor in Bacalar, Mexico.

Curious about press trips and traveling the world as a digital nomad?

Let's talk about How to Get a Press Trip in Bacalar, Mexico!

Bacalar, Mexico Press Trip and Digital Marketing

How to Get a Press Trip

Do you want to get hosted and sponsored with brands around the world?

Are you curious about how to get hosted and make money when you travel?

It is possible to get press trips nationally and globally with online business, wellness integration, creating content like a boss, and with retreat marketing and launches.

Start thinking about what value and services you may offer for a press trip. Are you great at websites, blogging, videos, and/or social media? Could you take their public relations to a whole new level?

Where would you love to travel? A great way to start is locally in your city, state, and country with a press trip.

You will love my Top 10 Things to Do Guides!

Not to mention our CREATEIT Summit Free Preview to Hands-On

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Cheers to Getting Press Trips!

How to Get a Press Trip

Whether you are working a 9-5, an entrepreneur, or building a brand, time is precious. There are many beautiful places to see in the world! Whether you are a travel blogger, digital nomad, wellness coach, and/or lifestyle entrepreneur, these steps will help you get a press trip!

Not to mention, 75+ Tools + Resources to Create a Life + Business You Love!

1. Identify Value and Skills You Offer

Before you start pitching travel and tourism brands for press trips, make sure you identify what value and skills you offer.

Ask yourself key questions including:

Are you great at websites, blogging, video and/or social media?

How may you best serve the brand during your press trip?

What are your strongest channels to highlight when you reach out to brands?

When and where would you love to travel?

Bacalar, Mexico


2. Create and/or Refine Your Media Kit

A media kit helps a brand see at a glance who you are, what you offer, and your reach across social media channels. The best way to describe a media kit is it is a visual resume to show others at a snapshot.

Media Kit Tips and Tools

1 Use a tool and template with Canva

2 Ask for feedback from a community you trust

3 Include your media kit in pitching like a boss

Influencer Marketing in Bacalar, Mexico

3. Pitch Like a Boss

Identify brands and places you love to pitch like a boss for press trips. I use outlets including, but not limited to, Perlu, XO The Plug, Matador Network, She's Wanderful, Travel Massive, and Workaway.

For my press trip in Bacalar, Mexico, I found Picaflor on Workaway. The owner was looking for help with her startup with websites, social media, and wellness recommendations for her menu.

I reached out with my pitch letter and media kit, and heard back from her within less than 3 days. We communicated via email and video chat to discuss details for the press trip and digital marketing experience in Bacalar, Mexico.

No matter what value and skills you offer, make your pitch letter and media kit clear.

Steps to Pitching Like a Boss

1 Connect with the brand

2 Share your value and how you fit

3 Give ideas of what you may offer

4 Include examples of similar work + results

5 Invite to a next step e.g. email, form, call

When you outreach with your pitch letter and media kit, be clear what you will offer for the press trip in exchange for the stay. In addition, offer additional value with an agreed upon consulting rate and /or ongoing retainer.

Once you complete the press trip, share the results of your work, as well as statistics from your posts with the brand. If everything aligns, remind them gently on the possibility of ongoing consulting work.

Swinging into pitching like a boss.

Bacalar, Mexico

4 Complete Content Like a Boss

Now, that you have gotten the press trip, it is key to complete the content like a boss. For the press trip in Bacalar, Mexico, I completed revisions to the home page, collaboration page, blog launch, as well as social media takeover on Instagram.

In less than a week, the press trip and digital marketing impacts included setting the stage to increase SEO and Domain Authority, offering 7+ income streams with Herbalife and smoothie bowls to the menu, and their Instagram reach grew over 1,000%.

Press Trips Around the World

By offering online skills around the world in digital marketing, you may be on your way to your first or next press trip in Mexico, or anywhere in the world.

Which of these steps will you start with first?

You may be surprised at how traveling will save you money too!!

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