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7 Wellness Tools to Jump Start Transformation

I love wellness tools that help jump start transformation! Anyone else? Wellness tools make it easier and faster to get and stay healthy like a boss at home and when you travel!

If you have visited my blog or show regularly, you know I lost 55+ lbs in 2013-2014, and have kept it off. I did this with the tips and tools to create a life and business I love. Not only that, the community that surrounds me at every turn continues to encourage me to transform and help you!

So what are the 7 Wellness Tools to Jump Start Transformation?

Let's #createit

Photo Credit: Brett Seeley - me after my second fitness show in San Diego, California!

I cast a vision to take this shot with Brett! #reallifedit

#1 Herbalife Global Nutrition

Herbalife Global Nutrition #1 Global Nutritional Brand for Inner and Outer Nutrition. #1 Meal Replacement. Partnerships with Athletes like Cristiano Renaldo and Other Top Athletes. Incredible Events, Community, Income Opportunities, and Global Business in 90+ Countries.

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