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7 Reasons Why I Am a Great Story Teller

Updated: May 16, 2019

7 Reasons Why I Am a Great Story Teller

I give insight into seven ways I am a Great Story Teller, as well as FIT Life Creation!

Regardless of what happens, I want to thank Southwest for hosting contests like this for inspiration, transformation, and travel and to show what is possible! I have flown Southwest almost more than any other airline (there was two to three years where I traveled a ton out of Houston with Continental).

I also want to thank them for creating this contest to help remind us of our creativity and value and stories!


Reason #1

I was born to two of the best storytellers and creators ever -

my mom, Eva from Poland and dad, Krum from Bulgaria.

I was in four countries + by the time I was two. I didn't realize how not normal this was, because this was the only normal I ever knew! I was conceived in Bulgaria and born in Poland (Katowice) on Oct 7, 1978!

This is my mom, dad and I in Italy.

According to my mom, I ran around the Basilica like it was my playground.

I literally was showing how "the world was my playground from a very young age.

Reason #2

I was shown by my parents to Fight for Freedom.

I didn't realize how profound of an impact this would have in my life, and the ripple effects until the last 5-10 years. My parents both left their respective countries. My dad went first and went through quite a journey (I share more in my upcoming book "How Passion + Purpose = Profits" and Faith.

He ended up in Italy near Venice in Trieste at Refuge Camp, and called my mom to grab me, a suitcase and jump on a train to come to Trieste from Poland.

As a result, I am also deeply passionate about helping others fight for their freedom, and create what they love as my parents did for my brother, Alex and I.

Reason #3

I have a deep love of travel and cultures.

My mom had helped instill that and I’ve been now to over 25 countries. I also love to explore locally in @discoveratlanta @exploregeorgia. I recently got to fly with Southwest on our retreats to Costa Rica and Cuba.

I have amazing memories of visiting my family in Poland as a young girl each summer.

My mom would take us all over and teach us our heritage. Some of my favorite cities in Poland are Krakow and Sopot.

I loved stationary stores, and packing for our long trips overseas. I loved reading and journaling from a very young age.

I got to visit Bulgaria for the first time when I was in 11.

Then, step by step, got to visit over 25+ countries including, but not limited to:

Disclaimer: For parts of these years, social media did not exist and /or I did not post anywhere near what I share now.

I've included some snapshots below!

Egypt and Mallorca (Mommy Daughter Trip after my college graduation). So amazing!! 7 days in Egypt and 5 in Mallorca!!

Italy (once with my brother, second time with my mom and third time with both my parents)

Turkey and Greece (via a cruise) 1 day each in each stop! Def want to go back!

We did Kusadasi, Turkey; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Corfu and Santorini, Greece!

India for a good friend's wedding - Sundeep with my mom and more! Including Taj Majal, Jaipur and Delhi!

to name a few!

Volunteering at a Photography School in Cuba

Reason #4 I Will Treat Family too!

My family has done so much for me and I have paid it forward in the past with travel, this would be on a whole new level!

I've been blessed to have this love of travel because of our heritage and family. We've traveled together, and I've also received and given trips throughout the years. With or without this experience with Southwest, I am and will always be a Storyteller.

Reason #5 Social Impact

I would also do social impact and giving like we did on our retreat flying with @southwestair to Cuba

previously and Costa Rica.

We did photography schools scholarships and gave time and insight into social media.

We also did animal rescue centers in Costa Rica. We also give with our events in Atlanta!

Reason #6 This experience, like my life, equals community.

I would turn this experience into we with @fitlifecreation as we already do this with events, retreats and community 💕 plus our podcast like we do @itunes @podbean @stitcherpodcasts. We would share stories behind the scenes to help you relate, come along on the journey, the travel, and see what is possible for your life.

Reason #7 I would share the adventure and a healthy active lifestyle on social and include adventure like scuba, surfing and more!

I also love adventure! I have gone snorkeling countless times, parasailing in Jamaica, sky diving, surfing, and am also an advanced certified Scuba Diver! I once had my O-ring burst (on a mini refresher dive) in Egypt. I was laughing LOL!

I also lost over 55lbs 5 years ago, and practice a healthy lifestyle on and off the road and help others! I would share the behind the scenes with food, workouts and more!

I would take you on the journey to help you see and share your story too!

My friends, we get this one life.

It is a gift.

Let what we do with it be our gift back.

Photo credit: @psiloveweddings





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