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4 Influencer and Brand Partnerships You Will Love to Create Like a Boss

I started with influencer and brand collaborations in 2015 with FIT Life Creation. Officially, I started with them in 2000 when I co-created and led organizations with teams in college. In 2015, I started integrating the same things we implemented back then and within 7+ industries to the online, wellness, media and travel world with influencer marketing.

I've learned a ton and continue to every step of the way as an influencer and brand working with influencers, communities and brands.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, influencer, brand, or agency, 4 Influencer and Brand Collaborations You Will Love to Create Like a Boss will help you and your brand. You will get ideas to jump start influencer marketing collaborations, influencer management, and brand consulting and engagements for wellness, media, online and travel in 2021 and beyond.

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1 Media Partnerships with Brands and Communities

A great way to start with influencer and brand collaborations includes features and