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How to Be a Website Wonder

You’ve thought about creating a website. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even played with a tool or two.

You know you need a website (or maybe you want an update). It's not your skill set and/or maybe not something you are super excited about doing.

You’re worried about picking the right tool, focusing on what matters, and getting it done quickly all at the same time.

You’re afraid of missing out on more marketing opportunities online, but you equally worried about the how to, visuals, the time it will take as well as the results that will (or won't come)....

Yet you are more afraid of not getting your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process.

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to be a website wonder (or have someone on your team who is) get long term results (improve online, share your story, exponential exposure, save time, and make more money long term).

What if…

What if you created or updated a site with tools that are simple and easily?

What if you had a team member do it for a lot less than you think easily?

What if your roadmap to be a Website Wonder was crystal clear and super simple?

Imagine the return… Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it.

How do I know?

Because I took over 10 years in creating sites with numerous tools and industries, and we did just that.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to

share it to serve others.


This made me start thinking about my own story of fears, doubts, insecurities which translated to overwhelm, complexity, and clutter....and not the results I wanted until I shifted into....

How to Be a Website Wonder...

Simply and Easily to

Get Results


I know exactly how you feel! I remember learning HTML over 15 years ago, and it was not easy! I understood why people did not like doing sites! I also understood that sometimes it is smarter to outsource to another team member and scale!

I've gone from creating HTML sites to using several tools to integrating workshops to either teach people how to do their own sites hands on (as part of our mastermind, events, and academies) and/or how to outsource a website easily and effortlessly! I've personally been involved in websites and digital marketing now for over 10 years across multiple industries ranging from retail to education to energy to wellness to consulting and more!

Like many people, I found myself overcomplicating in 2015. I decided to simplify simplify simplify in all areas of life! As a result, I got clear on five simple steps to help us be a Website Wonder.


I got clear on How to Be a Website Wonder!


I think we can all agree — creating a life and business you love involves elevating our energy when it comes to building. It involves changing our minds from all the lack, fears, and insecurities we have allowed when it comes to creating a life and business we love, making money, and giving back.


One of our focuses in our lifestyle platform is How to Be a Website Wonder, and teach others how to do the same.


I realized the incredible insight in dealing with options on How to Be a Website Wonder yourself (and how to get people on your team easily and effortlessly to do this too!)


So, I've put together steps to

Be a Website Wonder!


You, my friend, want to Be a Website Wonder. You know that you may serve more, create more, grow more, and there has got to be a smarter way to either do it yourself or to outsource and scale!

So, since you really want to Be a Website Wonder,

this post is for you.