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How to Do Social Media Smart in a Day

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, blogger or brand in 2018 (or want to be one), then it's safe to say you know social media is key for your business.

Perhaps, you are just starting out with using social media for your business and are in the camp of "what is social media" or "what is social media marketing" and how in the world do I start?

Or perhaps you feel like you have a great handle on it.


I completely get it! Before 2014, the only social media posting I ever did was strictly personal and/or motivational! I maybe tuned in once every two weeks or so! I worked in industries and positions that did not directly involve me in social media. They ranged from strategy to finance to compliance! When I was in college, Facebook did not even exist!

However, when I started getting into fitness and a lifestyle business, I recognized the influence and power of story sharing and social media fast!


My first year in sharing my story on social media with my before and after photo showing how I lost >55 lbs., my business blew up 25X on one platform alone without any ads! I realized then how influential social media could be!


I was also super overwhelmed with Social Media at first!


I think we can all agree — creating a life and business you love involves always learning new skills and tools. Social media is definitely one of them, and it continues to evolve.


Before 2014, the only platform I was on for business was LinkedIn. I thought of it as resume type builder and/or Business 2 Business platform. Then, when I had the experience with Facebook, I expanded my mind to learn the other platforms step by step.

I also recognized the impact and inspiration with influencers and started to learn from and create a community with them! The insight across Google Search Engines, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Podcasts I've learned has been crazy amazing! I've also put together a freebie guide here to help you get smart with social and learn more about the platforms!


I focused on How to Get Smart with Social, and teach others how to do the same.


I realized the incredible power of social media, and at the same time the incredible distraction it may be on a daily basis.


So, I've put together Five Steps on

How to Do Social Media Smart in a Day!

It is so easy to get lost in all the platforms as they are designed to keep us on them! As people, we love community and connecting! At the same time, it is important to be connected in real life! Hello?!


It is definitely an art and a science in getting smart with social.

Like us, it constantly evolves.


You, my friend, want to connect, create, and cultivate a life and business you love. I can tell. That's probably why you are here reading - hello?! You know that social media may be super powerful for your life and business, and there has got to be a smart way!

So, since you really want to get smart with social, this post is for you.

In this blog post, I’m sharing five steps on How to Do Social Media Smart in a Day.

This may help you whether you work for someone else in a social media role, have a side hustle, are a long time blogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, or want to be one!

Plus, if you want to create a life and business you love - connect with more people -

don't you owe it to yourself and your community to to invest the time to learn?


According to Social Media today, the average person spends about two hours a day on social media. Even more interesting, is estimates are we will end up spending about five years of our lives on social media (something that didn't exist 20 years ago!)

1. Choose a Content Creation Tool

It is very easy to get caught up in complexity of content creation. The simpler and easier we make it, the faster you get results. My go to is Canva. Canva is an amazing free tool that has templates for every social media platform to help make content creation for any channel simple!

Here are a few templates we have created for Social Media and beyond! These have included templates for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Webinars, and Courses!

2. Create a Consistent Theme

The faster you create a consistent theme, the smarter you (and your team) will be with Social Media. For example, our brand colors are also my favorite colors - pink, blue, and green. They also tie to passion, purpose, people and profits. You may also see these colors consistently across our websites, blog posts, social media and courses. As a result, content creation is simpler not only when I create, but when I also had off to a team member to scale smart!

For example, you will note all photoshoots are centered around lifestyle, health, wealth, business, and travel. You will also note that our fonts, blogs, freebies all also have consistent simple graphics that then tie out to our consistent theme. The more consistency you create, the more your community will recognize it, and the more know, like, and trust factor increases.

3. Posts for All Platforms

In literally less than an hour you may create multiple posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The more clear and concise you are on Steps 1 + 2, the faster and easier this step will be.

When I create posts, it literally takes me less than 1-2 hours for the full week to a month worth of content now. It wasn't always like this because I wasn't super clear on steps 1 + 2. This also makes it so much easier now to scale smart with team members. I give them a template directly from Canva with a blog post to create multiple posts for multiple platforms for <$25!

These are literally drag and drop templates with click functions to make changes!

4. Schedule and Automate Posts

According to a recent study with Sales Force, it takes the average person 6-8 times to take action now on any marketing because of the information we are surrounded by.

As a result, I recommend sharing blog posts a minimum of 6-8 times each month via automation and scheduling with tools like IFTTT (if this, then that) and Hootsuite across platforms. I explain much more about these tools in our Smart Social Media guide and Creation Club Monthly Mastermind in Smart Social Module.

You may easily automate across multiple platforms saving ton of time and increasing visibility with IFTTT. With an automation and scheduling tool, you may literally schedule out up to 4 posts X 30 days in less than 2 hours! I do this and/or hand off to team members!


In <7 Hours, You May Not Only Create Content

for a Whole Month in a Day, but Schedule it too!


5. Create It. Period.

Too often, I see people (myself included in the past) get caught up in fear, details, or complexity. This slows down sharing, action, results, and learning.

Simply, decide to go through the five steps. Set a day this week or next to simply do it. Whether it is you, your team, or both! You will learn so much by going through it!



I've also put together a Smart Social Media in a Day Webinar!

I walk you through five steps and give you more bonuses!

If you want to get serious about creating a life and business you love, you may create with us to start in our FREE 14 Day Challenge in the Creation Club (our monthly mastermind) and/or take a peak at our retreats or academies!

Here is what a student recently said about our Transformation Academy!


Phew! Thanks for creating with me! . More ways for you to create in our community would be in our FREE 14 Day Challenge - in our Creation Club - our monthly mastermind!

Create. Transform. Inspire. You Were Born to.

Comment on what you are creating or what insight you had!


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