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How to Do Social Media Smart in a Day

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, blogger or brand in 2018 (or want to be one), then it's safe to say you know social media is key for your business.

Perhaps, you are just starting out with using social media for your business and are in the camp of "what is social media" or "what is social media marketing" and how in the world do I start?

Or perhaps you feel like you have a great handle on it.


I completely get it! Before 2014, the only social media posting I ever did was strictly personal and/or motivational! I maybe tuned in once every two weeks or so! I worked in industries and positions that did not directly involve me in social media. They ranged from strategy to finance to compliance! When I was in college, Facebook did not even exist!

However, when I started getting into fitness and a lifestyle business, I recognized the influence and power of story sharing and social media fast!


My first year in sharing my story on social media with my before and after photo showing how I lost >55 lbs., my business blew up 25X on one platform alone without any ads! I realized then how influential social media could be!