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How to Pursue Passion + Purpose (PLUS Profits)

When I was five years old, you could find me either running around doing things outdoors (by myself or with friends), playing with friends, doing things with my parents, and most importantly...

Being Fearless...

Whether it was being determined to sell the 200+ boxes of Girl Scout cookies (early stages of my entrepreneurship LOL) to get the teddy bear charm I had my eye on, trying something brand new, or making a new friend... I knew absolutely NO FEAR.


So...when I found myself seven years ago being a full-time entrepreneur (one moment being fearless and the next moment being terrified), I started to remember how I was at five years old.


I wanted that girl back.

That spirit. That soul. That love.


I began to wonder - what happened to her?

How did I let her get away from me?

How did I allow the world to take her away?

How did I allow myself to disappoint her?


I vowed to get her back. I vowed to get me back.

That soul. That spirit. That love.

That limitless joy. That limitless passion.


I now keep a picture of five year old Katrina in my ballet outfit on my refrigerator.

Every day I ask - is she happy? Is she laughing? Is she getting to play?


Somewhere along the way, I allowed the world to TELL me what I "should do", what is "okay", what isn't okay. Somewhere along the way, I allowed the world to tell me what to wear, what to say, or how to act.


My bet is many of you that end up reading this feel the same way now, or have at some point in your life.


I am here to tell you that no matter who you are, how old you are, how far you've gone in a direction you can absolutely create the life and business you love. It is not too late.


So, how do you do it?

Step 1: Get Clear on Your Passions

What do you love? What would you do for free? What did you enjoy doing as a child?

I absolutely love our creator. I love transformation. I love health. I love wealth. I love business. I love travel. I love helping others unleash their passions. I love giving back.


I love believing the impossible is possible.


What could you start creating or doing that would transform your life now?

What could you start creating or doing that would transform your business?

What could you start creating or doing that would transform and inspire you?


Photo credit: Leo Parias Costa Rica

Step 2: Pursue Your Purpose

What have you overcome? What did you learn? How could you help others?

I overcame struggles with health, wealth, and business.

This has included losing over 40 lbs. and keeping it off in health step by step.

I also successfully transformed my own money management >100% (I am a Certified Public Accountant and for years helped others make 7-9 figures annually, yet until 4 years ago didn't even break through a vision of more than 6 figures for myself due to limiting beliefs, and upper limits I created due to experiences in childhood.

Finally, I figured out EXACTLY what kind of lifestyle and business I wanted, and continue to create it with a community. I previously had experiences in >7 industries, >15 brands, and had no idea what I was "supposed to do" or "wanted to do".


I discovered I love helping people create a life and business they love with simplifying health, wealth, and business ALL in one! I love constantly creating but now I have a playground!


I discovered I wanted to create a life and business where I had total time freedom with a business that has strategy, structure, and systems for >75% online with automation.

I also discovered I wanted to host experiences to larger groups similar to preventative care with hands on implementation and tools for participants for success. I also discovered I wanted to create and do smaller intimate experiences with retreats traveling the world and academies.

I've traveled to over 25 countries (and was in four countries by the time I was two). Travel is literally in my blood. It sets my soul on fire.

Photo credit: Richard Brown - Jamaica Photography


This was all done through intense inner work with myself on getting clear with me. Have you done that for you? Or are you continuing to listen to the noise of everyone around you?


Step 3: Explore Your Gifts

What are you gifted at? What are your talents? What are your abilities?

When I began to think about this, I realized I love speaking, I love teaching, I love researching, I love learning, and most of all....



In my past, I realized I had allowed people to shut down my gifts when they sometimes couldn't see the possibilities for themselves.


I allowed them to. put me in a box, then I got made when I was in it. On top of that, I wanted everyone to be in my tribe. I wanted to co-create with the world. Do you allow others to put you in a box? Do you realize there is a people that is for you, and it isn't "Everyone".


Step 4: Inspire with Impact

What do you want to change in the world for the better? Where do you want to give back?

As an entrepreneur, there were many times I could have been homeless had it not been for our creator, my parents, and countless resources. I recognized this had to do with a lack mindset and worthiness. I recognized that is what many people that are homeless (and otherwise) struggle with because of things we have gone through, or experienced.

The hardest person to forgive is ourselves. One of the ways I want to inspire with impact is to help end homelessness. How do you want to inspire with impact?


I would love to hear what you got from this post. Comment below and tag a friend!

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