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5 Ways to Believe

Believing in you and the life you want to create isn’t always easy. Imagine you had certain dreams growing up. Maybe it was your parents being around. Maybe it was your parents even being there. Maybe it was falling in love with someone and having it work out. Maybe it was someone close to you that got sick and maybe it was believing that they would be miraculously cured. Maybe it was a passion that you had and you went for it but something happened and you gave up.


We all have times that we've been disappointed. Depending on the situation and what happened, the struggle is common. Maybe we tried so many times and it just hurt so much and we chose to give up. Many of us have settled or gotten comfortable because we've become afraid. We've become afraid that if we reach for the stars again, we're going to be crushed again. We've become afraid that our hearts are still broken, that if we try one more time it'll kill us. We've become so afraid to risk again.


Somewhere somehow along the way we allowed ourselves to stop believing like a child learning to walk again. So imagine, and some of you are parents so this is very easy for you to imagine, but close your eyes and think back when you were a child or look around and look at a child that's a baby or a toddler learning to walk again, and the undying enthusiasm that they have that no matter what they're going to learn how to walk. It doesn't matter if they're going to try five times, 10 times, 15 times, 20 times, 1,000 times, they never ever quit and they laugh and they giggle and they have fun, and they enjoy it.

So imagine if we approached life like that again.


Imagine if we started peeling away the layers of hurt and facing the stories we've told ourselves along the way. Imagine if step-by-step we decided to start to choose to believe again and to risk. So what if we change that? What if we began to believe again? What could happen?


I, you, we are no different than an Oprah, an Elon Musk, a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. What if we decided to go for it? What if we decided to be all in? What if we decided to start to burn the bridges and go for it? What if? What could happen? What would it take to believe again? What have you talked yourself out of?


Here are five ways to believe in the impossible again.


  • Create Vision

Whether you are sitting at your computer or sitting with a journal or maybe you can grab a piece of paper. Start to dream again.

What would your ideal life look like?

What state would you live in?

What country would you live in?

What vacations would you take?

What would you do every day for a living?

What passions have you cast aside along the way?

What would you do every day if, even if you weren't paid to do it?

What if you could include your passions and purpose and get paid limitless amounts of money for it?

How could you do that?

What impact would you want to make?

How many vacations would you want to take every single year?

What would your ideal mate be like?

What character would they have?

What would your kids look like?

It's never, ever, ever too late. Start to journal about all those things and think about and take steps from where you are now. Start to take action towards that.

  • Take a Leap

So whether we're talking about the health that you want, the money that you want, the business that you want, the relationship that you want, the kids that you want, the dream that you want. Take one step towards the health that you want. Take one step towards the money that you want. Even if it's simply reducing your expenses. Even if it's something that simple, and it is that simple because that's what starts to snowball.

What's a business that you've been wanting to get involved in? What relationship, what would your relationship look like? What kind of mate could you be? Start to put that kind of energy out there? What dreams have you let fall by the wayside?

  • Ask for Help

What I mean by asking for help is you guys is endless. First, there are so many free resources out there. Just like this blog, We all learn different ways, and sometimes in a particular instant it takes someone to say something in a particular way for us to finally get it.

  • Look for Inspiration

Recently I went to the Museum of Design here in Atlanta this weekend and I bought this book called "In the Company of Women" and it's inspiration and advice from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

We all need inspiration. I read books by people like Oprah, like Eckhart Tolle, like Brendon Burchard all the time because we all need one another.

  • Never Ever Give Up

Are there going to be moments that challenge you? Are there going to be moments that are difficult? Yes, but ask yourself: How can I make this easier? What would it take for X to happen? What would it take for me to have a million dollars in the bank? What would it take for this business to be easier? What would it take for this relationship to have a miracle? What would it take for my kids to have a miracle? What would it take for this health problem to have a miracle?

It's simply a matter of choosing to decide which side are you going to be on. Are you going to choose to have hope again? Are you going to choose to give up? My hope for you is that you choose to never, ever give up and to go for it.



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