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Take Time to Trust Transformation

Imagine struggling your entire life with instability, unhappiness, unfulfilled, weight, money, relationship, and business challenges.

Imagine reaching the pinnacle of what people told you life success was, and deeply feeling as if you had missed several very important parts of you.


The corporate finance job, the six figure income, and all the stuff money could buy – years of hard work - and realizing you left out the most important parts of you – your passion and purpose.

How would that feel? That’s exactly what happened to me five years ago.


What gets lost is you.


Here are four ways you may trust transformation.


  • Take Time

Why are we all in such a hurry? Be focused. Take Action. At the same time, create a solid foundation. Take the time to look at all areas of you and life. Do you know what success is for you? Have you considered all areas of your life – spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational, playful, emotional? Have you considered if anything is possible (and it is) what kind of life would you have?

It is true what they say. When you love what you do, it starts to flow from you effortlessly. To the point, you would do it for free. There are many stories from us entrepreneurs that will say there are times where you even pay to do what you are doing. It may be like a baby you invest in to relate to the parentsJ

At first, I thought it was surface related – weight, money, and business. I thought, like many of us do, if I lose x of weight – then I’ll be happy. If I have x amount of money, then I’l be happy. I didn’t know how important all the pieces of me were. I also didn’t know how important it was fall in love with the journey,


All along the way, from high school and an abusive relationship to my early thirty’s, I struggled with weight, money, and business, and not being clear on what I wanted. It was easy for me to help others and get them results in money and business. I would easily have clarity for them, and get them up to 9+ figures in a year or two. I hadn’t been taught to see it for myself.

What if that was the case for you?


  • Be Open

Do you like to know all the steps? Do you like to control? Do you think things should show up a certain way? Blast your brain wide open. Be open to the how, way, when and who. I never would have thought years ago I would do things like Reiki, energy clearing, buy unlimited abundance courses, do Herbalife, and build a new business model with a lifestyle brand.

What are you closing yourself off to that could lead to the next level of your life?

What are you afraid of? Do something every day that scares you or is new. That is how we grow!


So, in 2013, after years of trying numerous weight loss products, I tried Herbalife - #1 Global Nutrition Company. I fell in love with the products right away. A good friend of mine at the time asked me about the business opportunity and I said no. I had an unpleasant experience with a direct sales company in college, and wasn’t open to it at the time. I continued to use the products, and in the first two months I lost 15 lbs. I observed the team online, and saw Herbaheroes and Garrain Jones as the leader – operated from a space of unconditional love.


I began to get curious, and attended the Super Bowl of Herbalife – Extravaganza – in October 13 to learn more about the business. Hello – I’ve always loved business and my mind started opening up to the possibilities.

I fell in love with all that the community offered, and the limitless opportunities.

So, why would I do such a thing? One word: Limitless.


After years of a yo-yo life in health, wealth, and biz, I had tried so many ways to lose weight I had almost given up. In 2013, Herbalife (#1 Global Nutritional Company) found me and I lost 15 lbs. and kept it off easily. I then decided to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon, and clients started coming to me for coaching. I decided to get certified in Nutrition with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Clients started coming to me left and right simply from sharing my transformation on social media.

I felt split in two. On one side, I had a consulting company. On, the other I was a coach. Have you ever been there? I knew I had to go within and gain clarity.


I then faced an earth shattering event. One of my best friends from college, who we had started non – profits together, companies together, traveled the world together, and countless other memories was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer like Signet Ringlet Carcinoma – barely a 5% survival rate within five years. Janelle was the epitome of unconditional love. I knew this would have a massive impact on countless lives.

I flew to see her in September of 2013 immediately when I found out. Never fathoming that would be the last time I saw her alive. She passed December 21 of that year. If you’ve ever lost someone, and feel powerless to do anything other than pray, you know exactly how I felt. I began to question who I was at that moment. Where was the girl with the infinite possibilities in college? The girl who loved creating a life she loved with ALL she loved? How had I allowed myself to conform to what other people wanted? Losing a lot of myself in the process?

Like a baby, I began to trust the transformation. Like many of us, trust and opening myself up was a vulnerable process.

  • Be a Sponge

Where are you now? What do you need to learn to get to where you want to go? Show up. Seek. Submit and surrender to the process. Learn new skills. Surround yourself with the people who have what you want on all levels.

In my case, besides my life experiences prior to being a full time entrepreneur, work experiences in >7 industries and companies, and educational degrees (MBA, CPA, CFE, CIA), I realized I had the opportunity to grow in a lot of other areas.

These included relational, marketing, sales, digital, entrepreneurship, money, and energy and abundance to name a few. I got coaching in all of them. There wasn’t any area I wasn’t willing to invest in. I realized I am and we all are priceless. To give you insight into my story and the time it took (it was not overnight)


My passions started to return like a waterfall in 2014. A love for our creator grew as I sought spiritual growth, believing in love, energy healings, fitness, travel, writing, giving back and more. It was overwhelming at first. This then turned to a unquenchable desire for limitless growth.

One of the first passions to surface after Janelle’s death was a high school dram of competing in bikini shows resurfaced. Gasp – a prior Corporate Exec, Accountant, on stage in a bikini?!

Would I dare? OH. Hell. Yes. I researched lots of teams and found the incredible Team Edge. In July, 2014, I competed in my first National Physique Committee Show in Vegas and placed fourth. I lost over 40 lbs. from the beginning of 2013. For the first time in my life, I began to sustain the transformation. I was beyond blown away and grateful. I did another show in 2015 with a client of mine as well in San Diego, and plan to compete again in 2017 or early 2018! This then led to countless more clients coming for transformation. My transformation business grew 25 times in 2014.


In 2015, I began to step back as I felt torn in two and conflicted. I could feel I was still not being true to who I was with a consulting company on one side, and a transformation coaching business on the other. Then, the vision came to me to create a one stop lifestyle transformation company in health, wealth, and business. All in one.

As my journey unfolded, I couldn’t find a business model that combined multiple aspects of spiritual, practical, strategic, and the How-To all in one. I realized I would get to pull from the 10+ industries I had worked with and consulted to create a new model. I had no idea the sacrifices that would come. I realized up to that point, I had it easy in life.My question to you is - what would you sacrifice to become all you were made to be? I chose this time to sacrifice it all – sex, food, toxic friendships, finances, time. Any and everything. I thought – I gave part of myself before – and look at the blessings that I had. Imagine. What If. What Could Life Look Like if I Gave my ALL?

Gulp. Gasp. Catapulted into the next level of life once again.

  • Believe Again

What are you afraid of? Why are you scared to believe? What happened to you early on to impact you? Why are you not like a child anymore (who never stops believing they can walk). Where would you want your profits to be purposed? What would it take for you to believe and have faith again?


We are all capable of creating a life that we love. The possibilities are endless. I am, and you are no different than an Oprah, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Stephen Spielberg.

When we take time to trust transformation, be a sponge, be open, and believe again in the process of creating a life we love, anything is possible. Keep getting up. No matter what.



Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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