• Katrina Julia

Take Time to Trust Transformation

Imagine struggling your entire life with instability, unhappiness, unfulfilled, weight, money, relationship, and business challenges.

Imagine reaching the pinnacle of what people told you life success was, and deeply feeling as if you had missed several very important parts of you.

The corporate finance job, the six figure income, and all the stuff money could buy – years of hard work - and realizing you left out the most important parts of you – your passion and purpose.

How would that feel? That’s exactly what happened to me five years ago.

What gets lost is you.

Here are four ways you may trust transformation.

  • Take Time

Why are we all in such a hurry? Be focused. Take Action. At the same time, create a solid foundation. Take the time to look at all areas of you and life. Do you know what success is for you? Have you considered all areas of your life – spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational, playful, emotional? Have you considered if anything is possible (and it is) what kind of life would you have?

It is true what they say. When you love what you do, it starts to flow from you effortlessly. To the point, you would do it for free. There are many stories from us entrepreneurs that will say there are times where you even pay to do what you are doing. It may be like a baby you invest in to relate to the parentsJ

At first, I thought it was surface related – weight, money, and business. I thought, like many of us do, if I lose x of weight – then I’ll be happy. If I have x amount of money, then I’l be happy. I didn’t know how important all the pieces of me were. I also didn’t know how important it was fall in love with the journey,

All along the way, from high school and an abusive relationship to my early thirty’s, I struggled with weight, money, and business, and not being clear on what I wanted. It was easy for me to help others and get them results in money and business. I would easily have clarity for them, and get them up to 9+ figures in a year or two. I hadn’t been taught to see it for myself.

What if that was the case for you?

  • Be Open

Do you like to know all the steps? Do you like to control? Do you think things should show up a certain way? Blast your brain wide open. Be open to the how, way, when and who. I never would have thought years ago I would do things like Reiki, energy clearing, buy unlimited abundance courses, do Herbalife, and build a new business model with a lifestyle brand.