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Spend Smart, Not Stupid

So what does it mean to spend smart, and not stupid? To be clear, this refers to the actions we take in our lives. Are the actions smart?

First, ask yourself what kind of money situation do you want in your life?

Do you want freedom? Do you want multiple sources?

Do you want to fire your boss? Do you want to be debt free? Do you want to travel?


Now, ask yourself the tough one. This is the one that got me in 2011.

Are YOU doing what is bringing you closer to what you say you want?

Or further away?



The hardest thing was realizing I was doing "some" things to move me closer towards my goals, and then I would do "some" things that would basically cancel out, or self sabotage what I had done towards my goals. Basically, complete energetic cancellation.

An example would be cutting my budget drastically, feeling guilty for past behaviors (more self sabotage), and then not taking full out action to create a life I love due to not believing it was possible for me subconsciously.


This coming from myself as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who managed to:

1) Generated 7-9+ figures for others

2) Grew to six figures myself

3) Grew to $150K in debt

prior to finally waking up fully.

Imagine all the chaos that went on in my head in that money story?!

First, I had to give myself grace and compassion and recognize the debt got me to where I was with a lot of blessings and experiences. I had to forgive myself. Then once I knew better, I had to do better.


As of this blog, I've learned how to release pressure and realize I am enough (and live below my means). Ive also learned the money flow and applied it with multiple income streams.

In full transparency of where I am on my journey, I am in the process of paying off $190K in debt (yes it grew after I got conscious because of having to change hard habits ingrained, releasing pressure, and timing insight.


Spending smart is:

1) Spend consciously

2) Ordering the flow


First, spending consciously.

A few questions I started asking myself in 2011, and that may help you:

1) Do you spend money on alcohol >3 times a week?

2) Do you set and keep a budget?

3) Do you live below your means?

4) Do you give 10%?

5) Do you save 10%?

I have more guidance for you in the 7 Day Free Sneak Peak Challenge Guide

in the freebies section.


Second, the order of money. If your money is chaotic, then your energy is.

I say this with love, as my energy once was.

Examples of chaos:

1) Late bills

2) Low money

3) High pressure

4) No budget

5) No savings

6) No order


So, how should your money flow be ordered to create simplicity?

1) Create

2) Give

3) Save

4) Spend

5) Invest

6) Leverage

Once you get clear on this, and even set this up with clients before money comes in - you will be on the way to mastery. An awesome tool I use is to track real-time spending.

If you would like to see more on how to's on this, let me know! Share on social media + tag @fitlifecreation @katrinajuliafit!


Assess Where You Are

The mental toughness and changes I had to transform were and are endless. These involved not only wealth choices, but choices in every area of my life. From spiritual, to energy, to emotions, to physical, to attitude, to relational. Depending how much you want your life to change, changes in all areas of your life will not only be necessary, but required. The most important thing is to recognize things take time. You did not get here overnight, nor will you get to the destination you want overnight. It is, always has been, and always will be, a journey. A bit about my story: I UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE. "I struggled with 20-40 lbs. of excess weight, 150%+ of excess spending while generating others 7-8 figures of wealth, and losing myself."

With perseverance, I transformed from the inside out creating a life + a business I love while inspiring others + giving back.


Go at Your Speed

The time it takes is not anywhere near as important as the attention to detail. The more you pay attention to the seemingly tiniest of details in your wealth, energy, or areas of life that impact these, the faster your results will come.

The stronger your foundation, the more sustainable your results will be.

Focus on everything you spend your time and energy on. Focus on every project, priority, on every action you take every day.

Do this with every inch of your being. Every time it gets hard or you fall down, get back up.

Try again.

The results will be here before you know it.


Focus on Small Things The tiniest detail in your wealth impacts your results. For example, do you overspend? Do you know how much you made and spent last month?

What item do you "treat" yourself with every day or every other day? These seemingly tiny details add up to either what you say you want, or what you don't want. It really is that simple. Take action with the 7 Day Challenge Sneak Peak (includes sneak peak of Spend Smart) at to start making momentum towards creating the life you love.


Upcoming experiences with 7 Day Challenge, Programs, Brazil, and more

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Transform + Inspire.


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