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Giving Makes the World Go Round

Giving truly does make the world go around.

From person to person. From community to community. From heart to heart. From country to country.

Giving creates an energy of unconditional love and selflessness that is priceless.

It makes us all better human beings from the inside out.


We often think we have to wait until we have made it to x to give time or money.

We think we have to reach a certain level to make time or give money.

The truth is you have to make time and give right now.

If you don't, you won't have the habit when you do reach x.

Or you will possibly think I'm so busy with A, B, C, I don' t have time.

So, how do I make giving a part of everything I do?

The answer: I simply do.


I don't share every single way I give as I intentionally try not to seek recognition from them.

The intent of this post is to share some of the examples to transform and inspire you to think of others more and give more. The ironic thing is the more we give selflessly the more comes back to us.

However, when we focus selfishly on what we want first, the less comes to us.


Person to Person Examples:

a) Surprise Airport Pick Up.

b) Extra Hour Given Selflessly.

c) Speaking selflessly to an organization.

d) Giveaways to a potential client.

During our retreat to Cuba recently, we each gave by speaking to a photography school in Cuba:

Academia de Arte y Fotografía Cabrales del Valle) Almendares No. 108 altos entre Bruzón y Desagüe, Plaza de la Revolución, C.P. 10600, La Habana, Cuba,Teléfono (Phone): (53-7)870-9001.

We also gave by donating for scholarships of students!! It was awesome to see the impressions from people of this!

Photo Credit: Cuba_Rey

Coordinator for Photography School + Photographer in Cuba + Coordinator for Airbnb


Community to Community:

a) Speaking to an organization

b) Seeking ways to give

c) Featuring organizations

d) Connecting people

People often ask how do I find ways to give locally and internationally.

I simply seek the opportunities and ask!

In Cuba, I did the following:

a) Googled ways to donate time

b) Asked the Airbnb host!

c) Googled local universities and asked!

I found:

b) Photography school we spent time with!

Listen from more insights from videos below from:

Jose Rey - the Coordinator

Jen - Youtuber + Content Creator + Social Guru

Travellushes - Youtuber + Video Guru + Social Guru

When done with the intention of giving heart to heart, people to people, country to country, it is amazing how it becomes more clear we are all in this human race together.

Key Take Aways

1) Give Person to Person

2) Group to Group

3) Heart to Heart

4) Community to Community

Take Action:

1) Find One Way to Give

2) Time or Money This Week.

Create It

Transform + Inspire

You Were Born To


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