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14 Day Challenge: Money Maker: Day 6

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Many around the world are struggling with money. If you are, you are not alone. I have known feast and famine. During the times of famine, is when I learned the most profound, purposeful and profitable lessons. No matter what you are walking through now in your mindset and money, you may learn too.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, and/or unemployed, it is important to improve your beliefs and behaviors regarding being a money maker. Many of us, myself included, have allowed others to sway us in our identity, worth, and work on the planet. For years, I found my identity in my positions, recognition, and status.

No matter where you are with being a money maker now, you may learn to transform from the inside out. If you feel lost with money, you are not alone. With industries impacted by billions and millions filing unemployment globally, you have the opportunity to rewrite the story. I know it may be painful now. I understand you have bills that need to be paid.I have been there and have walked and am walking through a lot of what you are too.

Before 2011, I sought external approval and validation vs. going internally to pull my passion and purpose for people and profits. I served in >7 industries before reaching a pinnacle point spiritually with God to align to purpose. Externally, one of my best friends since college, Janelle got diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2013 triggering me to revisit dreams and desires.

I started to shift my story with money in 2010 when I enrolled in a Financial Peace University class. I began to tithe faithfully, and went on a sports camp mission trip in 2011. For the first time in my life, I declined a promotion because it didn't align with where I felt my path and purpose are. I let go of pleasing man. The transformation journey to be a money maker has taken years.

The path to be a money maker has taught me contentment, gratitude, value and abundance. When you decide it is time to be a money maker, everything changes. In the 14 Day Challenge, Day 1, I shared how transformation is required to create a life and business you love. In the 14 Day Challenge, you will experience 12 themes to create a life and business you love from faith to wellness to money and travel.

Whether you create with our community on the blog, podcast, and/or in the 14 Day Challenge sneak peek to our monthly mastermind, Creation Club, you will experience transformation like never before. On Day 6 of the 14 Day Challenge, it's time to take on being a money maker.

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Money Maker Intro

Whether you realize it or not, money maker may help you focus on beliefs and behaviors from the inside out. You may transform from scarcity to abundance in every way.

Money Maker involves:

  • Shifting your Money Mindset

  • Creating a 6 Pack of Wealth

  • Following a Profit Path

  • Aligning to Crazy Cash

My own transformation with money has involved gratitude, joy, chaos, pain and purpose. It has not been easy. In 2010, I started to see how much reliance and security I placed in money. Not only did I choose professions that didn't align to my purpose for profits, but I allowed myself to be surrounded by community that didn't align. I put my security and trust in money. It cost me dearly. I believe it is costing many of us way more than we imagined.

Money Maker involves getting better with beliefs, feelings and behaviors. It is right-sizing our path to purpose and profits. It's learning how to transform and walk towards freedom in all forms. Financial freedom involves spending, saving, creating, investing, leverage, and giving.

I've learned when we get to rock bottom, we have nowhere to go but up. Get up.

Some examples for Money Maker include:

  • Giving yourself a Gut Check on your Money Mindset

  • Implementing 6 Pack of Wealth step by step

  • Practicing a Profit Path

Keep in mind, being a money maker isn't only for you. Your success blesses others. Think of all the ways you may impact your family and give back to others. Our entire world needs you to pursue your path and purpose more than ever.

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Steps to Money Maker

When I first started shifting my mindset with money maker, I started to see how an abundant and value focused mindset is. I began with learning from mentors like Dave Ramsey, Dani Johnson, and Strategic Coach.

I continued on by creating the 6 Pack of Wealth, freebies library, and lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship collaborations for influencers and entrepreneurs. I dove deeper by immersing myself in the Word, and being a mentor in finances.

I continued to figure out being and becoming a money maker. I applied what I learned to my own life, business and money. There is chaos and consequences I have walked through from humbling myself to debt to borrowing money. At the same time, the pain to purpose in profits helps me relate to people massively.

Years ago, I solely helped others generate 6-8 figures annually, yet my own money was in chaos. I didn't believe I was worthy to create for myself and others. Anyone else relate?

Consider how you want to transform as a money maker.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What is your money mindset?

How have you treated money the last 5+ years?

Do you demonstrate contentment daily?

Where do you give selflessly?

How do you share value exponentially?

Are you consistent in showing up no matter what?

These are some of the things I teach in the being a money maker, guides on Amazon, and in our mastermind and live events.

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Making and Managing Money Like a Boss

It's easy to see how making and managing money like a boss may seem overwhelming. The world all around us complicates it. Even though I am a CPA, for years my own money was in chaos. I focused my identity and worth on the external, which is always unstable.

In 2010, when I began to focus on the eternal and internal everything started changing. I began to see and feel more than enough. When you focus on your gifts, talents, and abilities, so will you. As you set yourself free, you will serve with value and abundance in every direction. You will attract people, opportunities and money.

The 12 Themes from Jump Start Transformation to Crazy Confidence give me and us a never ending stable structure to create limitless value. Not only that, it creates a profit path. For example, from the money mindset, we flow into the 6 Pack of Wealth. With the Profit Path, you flow from foundation to stability to growth from inside out.

Consider what area in money you are focusing on next. Is it spending? How about creating? Everything becomes easier as you #createit

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The more I shifted my mindset, I began to see the return on investment in serving with value and abundance. I recognized where I focused on scarcity vs. abundance.

I started to set myself free with our Creator leading in 2010. The more I focus on freedom from inside out, the easier being a money maker becomes.

Money Maker Tools

Let's talk about money maker tools and practical things to do. For example, many people wonder on the differences on a credit union vs. bank. You may or may not know, I actually worked at a credit union for 7+ years in undergraduate and graduate school. I found that credit unions are relational and member focused, offer better rates for your money, and make you feel special. As a result, I have only "banked" at a credit union since I was 16.

Let's talk about tools beyond banking. You may use tools like Mint, EveryDollar, Acorns and Live Plan. Mint and EveryDollar are great for helping you budget and track your money. In comparison, LivePlan is great for creating a vision for your business and money.

On top of that, I love HoneyBook Kajabi - All in One Marketing Platform, and QuickBooks for creating communities, and managing money. These are some of the money maker tools I use and teach hands-on.

I’ve found technology and tools help you limitlessly. It is key to #createit and practice.

It isn't enough to read blogs or listen to podcasts. It is time to #createit - what you love.

Transforming into a Money Maker will take time.

Money Maker

No matter where you are on your path to be a money maker, it is possible for you to transform from the inside out. Being a money maker may excite you. Perhaps, you are ready to shift your money mindset. Or, maybe you want to take on the 6 Pack of Wealth?

You may be ready to implement new money maker tools applying transformation hands-on. It is time to #createit. Approach it one step at a time on your way to being a money maker.

If you missed the start of the 14 Day Challenge, let's jump start transformation.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.


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