Mar 20, 2017

What is FIT Life Creation (FLC)?


Edited: Feb 15, 2018

FLC is a new kind of transformation company that helps you get healthy, make money, and build a brand all in one. We combined Health, Wealth, Biz - All in One to help simplify your life + get results.


We recommend first creating with us by starting with a freebie!



We have freebies in health, wealth, and business. We highly recommend our (FREE 14 Day Challenge!). This gives you a sneak peak into our monthly Creation Club. When you stick around, you get a Transformation Pack every month, group month calls, and new content!!


We recommend your second step with us is:

Intro Offer OR

Creation Club


We recommend your third step with us is:

Explore enhancements in your second step.


We recommend your fourth step with us is:



Or creating with us live or in hybrid experiences:




No matter what you create, we integrate

1) Spiritual + Practical PLUS

2) Strategy + Structure + Systems PLUS

3) Tips + Tools and Technology!


We also have an influencer and ambassador platform! If you are an content creator, influencer, entrepreneur or coach you may want to learn more about our opportunities with our ambassador programs


We also love to work with brands that may want to:

1) Create an influencer platform.

2) Cultivate with our influencers.

3) Sponsor our experiences,

4) Collaborate with a fundraiser, and/or

5) Integrate our platform into theirs.


You may create by continuing to explore our forum or by visiting our shop page.


Still need help? Get in touch with us.

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  • katrinajulia
    Mar 20, 2017

    We believe in helping you create transformation + inspiration step by step in every way. You get spiritual, practical how to's PLUS the strategy, structure, and systems behind it all! The more you create with us, the more support you get! We provide exponential value as you will see in the Freebies, 7 Day, Creation Club and more! 1) 7 Day Challenge 2) Creation Club and the rest of our experiences here! We include portions of these with our guides, memberships, and retreats for sneak peaks. We include mini packs with health, wealth, business in all experiences + events! We include the Herbalife membership with our club the third month, and retreats! We include monthly programs and Herbalife memberships in our academies. Ready to create? Explore experiences here. Ready for value? Explore freebies here.
  • katrinajulia
    Mar 20, 2017

    Great question!!! We help you get clear on your passion, purpose, and potential. We will help you get healthy, make money, and build brands. We recommend you start off with the freebies, like our amazing 14 Day Free Challenge with the Creation Club . Then decide if you want to do the 7 Day or 14 Day Challenge (and membership)! Once you have been with us for 1-6 months with the club, We recommend you take a peak at our experiences with our programs, retreats and academies, you get immersive support. 7 Day Challenge Transformation Pack 20+ Online Lessons Programs Our programs are on a monthly - three month basis. Rewards are built in every two to three months. Retreats Our retreats are twice a year. They offer you a chance to you get away to focus on experiencing exponential results. Academies Our academies are evergreen with three month to one year options. We require you first experience our three month academy. They include a one year experience including: Monthly Programs Membership #1 Global Nutrition Meal Bags Digital Tools Retreat Event 2 All Day Sessions Events Our events are once to twice a year as a one -two day immersion experience to experience a taste of retreats and academies. In all of our experiences, we include: Health: Nutrition Tools Supplements Meal Bags Hands on Workshops Seven Steps to Success Wealth: Money Basics 6 Pack of Wealth Ways to Make Money Monetizing Your Brand Business: Brand Building Business Plan Tools Project Management